In the "Retail Planner" course you will learn to...

-Utilize my Retail Planner©

-Utilize retail product trackers for orders, due dates, approvals, payments and profit (especially helpful for

-Structure Promotions with PDF worksheet in your Retail Planner©

-Implement 5 tips for successful events

-Effectively manage inventory

-Maximize profit margin

-Amplify free resources and goods with strategic ordering

-Set and track goals with PDFs in your Retail Planner©

-Create and secure treatment and product subscriptions


In "Master Your Skincare Consultation" you will learn to...

-Master your skincare consultation

-Utilize my PDFs "Skincare Questionnaire©", "Skincare Concerns©" and "Skincare Regimen©" to build customized and comprehensive skincare regimens optimizing patient outcomes while increasing sales, referrals and maintain high repurchase rates

-Master virtual consultations

-Increase your product knowledge 

-Master your make-up consultation

-Build confidence 

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